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Bridge Gallery #2

This page shows the two Oregon City highway bridges on the Willamette river, the two Columbia River highway bridges, and the three railroad bridges over both rivers.

Click on an image to bring up a separate page for each bridge. Each page lists a brief description of the bridge and allows access to larger, higher-quality jpg images.

The two Oregon City highway bridges (across the Willamette River, approximately fifteen miles southeast of Portland) are:

Abernethy Bridge (1970)

Oregon City Bridge (1924)

The two most important Columbia River roadway bridges linking Portland, Oregon, and Vancouver, Washington, are: Interstate-Bridge
Interstate Bridge (1917/1958)

Glenn Jackson Bridge (1982)

The three railroad bridges over the Columbia and Willamette Rivers are:

Railroad Bridge 9.6 (Columbia River, 1908)

Railroad Bridge 5.1 (Willamette River, 1908)

Southern Pacific RR Bridge (Willamette River, 1910)

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