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AirForceLINK Overview

This service is brought to you by the Secretary of the Air Force, Office of Public Affairs (SAF/PA), in cooperation with The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC).

AirForceLINK is a World Wide Web (WWW) service placing USAF information on the Internet and making it accessible via web browsers (NCSA Mosaic, Netscape Communication's NetScape, Spry's Air Series, Lynx, etc.). The service is designed to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. New information is generally made available through this service within one day of its release. All dates are US Eastern Time.

AirForceLINK contains current information and maintains a historical searchable database of Air Force News Agency news releases.



You can run a simple search of all on-line AirForceLINK data bases from the Home Page. To search a particular subject, like Air Force Leaders or to run a search on the all AirForceLINK data base with additional retrival options, access the AirForceLINK Search Gateway. You can also access a sections search page from with in that section main index page.

Search Request Syntax

All search operations are completed through use of a KEYWORD search. Search Requests can be as simple or complex as necessary.

Case is ignored during the search. For example, the string AIR will match 'AIR', 'Air', and 'air'. air will match 'air', 'Air', and 'AIR'. It is recommended you enter all search requests in upper case (all capital letters). This is because the logical operators AND, OR, NOT, and ADJ, must be in upper case.

Logical Operators

AND, OR, NOT, and ADJ are the logical Operators available. Parentheses can be used to group operators. Logical operators must always be entered in upper case (all captial letters).

Wild card characters

The asterisk character '*' is used to complete words and allow a match on any word that starts with the letters placed in front of the '*'. For example, AIR* will match AIR, AIRPLANE, and AIRMAN. AMERIC* will watch AMERICA and AMERICAN.

Simple Search Request Examples

The simplest search request is a one-word request. To search for all documents having the word AIR, enter 'AIR' in the search text field.

To search for a document having the two specific words 'AIR' and 'AWARD', enter AIR AND AWARD. Note: The logical 'AND' must be in upper case (all capital letters). M

To search for a document having 'UNITED STATES', enter "UNITED STATES". Note: You must encase UNITED STATES in double quotes, and the search request must match the document text exactly. If the document text has UNITED and STATES separated by more than one space or by a carriage return the document will not be found by the search.

To search for two words adjacent to each other and only separated by white space (blank, tab, carriage return) use the operator ADJ. For example, to search for 'UNITED NATIONS', enter UNITED ADJ NATIONS. Note: the logical 'ADJ' must be in upper case (all capital letters).

To search for any document with either of the two words NAVY or AIR enter, NAVY OR AIR.

Other Search Request Examples

To search for any document with NAVY, ARMY or AIR FORCE, and the country IRAQ enter, (NAVY OR AIR OR (AIR ADJ FORCE)) AND IRAQ

To reduce the number of search matches use the NOT operator. To find all document containing HAITI but not RESTORE DEMOCRACY enter HAITI NOT "RESTORE DEMOCRACY".


To Search for enteries having the string "HAITI" during the month of October 1994 enter HAITI AND OCT* AND 94 .


Most Document are short and should be easly handled by most users.
Photos may be large and could result in a long download delay for users on slow communications links.
Music, provided by the Air Combat Command's Hertiage Band, is of varying length, and may result in a long download for users on slow communications links.

A Note On Current Web Browsers

If your WEB browser is an Alpha or Beta version, some application features may not be implemented. It is possible that a problem you encounter while using AirForceLINK has been solved in the latest version of your web browser or another public domain web browser; therefore, it is always a good idea to use the latest public domain or commercial version available.

An attempt has been made to ensure that AirForceLINK and its features are operational on recent versions of Netscape, NCSA Mosaic, and Lynx. As new broswers and new versions of HTML are released we will work to maintain compatibilty.


Information about the Internet

Internet Jump Points


Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in AirForceLINK; however, no warranty is made concerning the accuracy or timeliness of the information presented. Additionally, there is no implied warranty covering access to the DTIC WEB server.

Improper usage of the AirForceLINK service may result in discontinuation of service to an individual or group.