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Table Sports

Our latest product, 3-D Table Sports, is now available
on PC CD-ROM. Look for it at a store near you!
Download the 3-D Table Sports Demo (3,571,404 bytes)
Nominated for the 1996 Best Sports Title "Codie" award!

Here are some of the CD-i / CD-ROM titles we've created:

  • Voyeur
    Winner of seven 1994 AIAS awards, including Best Interactive Film and Best Drama.
  • Thunder In Paradise
    This ain't no video game, man. It's interactive television, and YOU are the star. Winner of the 1995 AIAS award for Best Interactive Television.
  • NFL Hall of Fame Football
    Includes a great arcade game, tours of the Hall of Fame, and full motion video from the vaults of NFL Films.
  • Caesars World of Boxing
    Winner of the 1994 Best Sports Game AIAS award.
  • Mystic Midway: Rest in Pieces
    Our live action 'master of cemeteries', the humorously insulting Dr. Dearth, welcomes you to his shooting gallery.
  • Mystic Midway: Phantom Express
    Dr. Dearth returns in rare form to host the next attraction in his demented amusement park, a rock'em sock'em roller coaster.
  • Lords of the Rising Sun
    In this epic samurai adventure set in 12th century Japan, vast armies of warriors, ninjas, swordsmen and archers are at your interactive command.
  • Tetris
    Spectacular video nature scenes and an original CD score by Jim Andron complement classic Tetris and elevate this phenomenon to new heights.
  • Girl's Club
    Starring Nickelodeon's Heidi Lucas, this is the "dream date" game. You and your friends check out thirty of the coolest guys in the universe and then go out on a fantasy date with the one you choose.
  • Zombie Dinos From the Planet Zeltoid
    Award-winning children's title: Travel back in the Time Machine 200 million years. Locate each dinosaur before the Brain Blobs take control. Dexter will help you, along with the Time Machine's invaluable Dino Encyclopedia.
  • Defender of the Crown
    Heart pounding action, majestic tournaments, heroic battles and beautiful maidens await those bold enough to venture forth as Defender of the Crown.

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Online Video Poker
Want to play a little Online Video Poker?
Features a progressive jackpot, high scores, a chat function, and "fabulous" prizes!
A message from our technical guru: Linux Rules!
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