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Welcome. The gallery contains an extended portfolio of images I have created over the years. Many of these shots are from my trio of CD-ROM adventure games, Majestic, SYN-FACTOR (published by Piranha Interactive Publishing, Inc.) and the soon to be released Satin Rift. I work for XL Translab, a progressive effects and animation house located in Rockville, Maryland.

Be sure to check out my latest adventure game, Satin Rift. If you enjoy a good, thought-provoking sci-fi tale, then you'll find a lot to like. It's a story-centered game that won't insult your intelligence, with heavy emphasis on character interaction and problem solving.

It's a lovecraftian-flavored story about obsession and madness, and a bizarre love that the universe could never allow.

A playable demo for the Macintosh is available for download. It will run on a 68040 or PowerMac.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

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