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Welcome to the sunken island of Cyberspace!

We built this site to quench your thirst for Virtual Reality and titillate your imagination.
Whether you want to find a place on earth to experience VR, get into the next generation of VR entertainment systems and centers or open your own VR location, these pages will prove to be both entertaining and useful to you.
As of today, this resource guide is composed of over 400 pages, a total of 1247 files and more than 49Mb of pictures and movies to download.
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Concept of Atlantis

  Opening of our V.R. Outpost! 

Our VR exhibition

  Our VR system

  Volunteer wanted!

  Laurent Scallie's Interview


Where to experience VR? (153 VR Centers!)
International List of VR Entertainment Centers

Guide to VR Entertainment Systems (87 VR Systems!)

  Hawaii Network Gamers Group

  Net destinations...


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Right column with Woman in VR bodysuit! 

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Press Release: VR Resource guide 

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This site will be changing at a rapid pace, so please come back on a regular basis to check-it out! New branches and VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) sections will be created, computer animation movies, virtual reality worlds samples, and more pictures will be available soon. I hope you enjoy it. Let us know how you like it. Comments, suggestions and bug reports on those pages are also welcome!

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