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The Everest Trek Peter Potterfield's story of the classic trek through the Himalayas of Nepal is an adventure rich with culture, lore, climbing history, and jaw-dropping images. 
Eco-Challenge 1997
This brutal race of endurance and skill is known for making ex-marines cry. Of the 72 teams that started last year, only three finished unassisted. This year's course was harder. Explore the fully archived daily coverage from the Australian outback.
Fitz-Roy Sunrise Trekking Patagonia
Northwest hikers push through South American winds to explore the endless ice-fields, steep mud, and epic views of Patagonia.
Ordesa Valley: Hiking in Spain
The important thing about exploring the Pirineo mountain range is to bring plenty of spaghetti and not use crampons -- on principle. Spanish text available. 
Yosemite: Open for Business
Despite devastating floods last winter, America's favorite national park for hiking is up and running. Find out which trails are open and get contact information right here.
From Georgia to Maine
The Appalachian Trail is a 2,000 mile cult favorite that pushes human psychological limits ? not to mention hygiene
Presidential Reverse
A hike on Mount Washington's Presidential Traverse is forced into a retreat by the famed nasty weather of the east's biggest peak.
Safe Hiking
Even a small medical emergency in the mountains can ruin an entire trip... unless you are prepared. 
A Through Hiking Legend
A late bloomer, Sandra Johnson took up power hiking a
decade ago, at age 56. She's been kicking serious butt ever since. 
Tell Us Everything... Win a Free Pair of Timberlands
What's the most inappropriate thing you've done in the woods?? Dazzle our trained team of dog judges with your wit or debauchery, and you just might win a Contest. (Tons of prizes.)
Following Backcountry Footsteps
Mountain Zone writers head for the Montana hills! Expert adventurers Jim O'Connell and Scott Codespoti stomped the Glacier National Park backcountry to bring you a day-by-day hiking journal, natural history and a jam-packed info guide to get you planning your own path.
  Don't Feed The Tourists
Take a journey to Banff & Jasper National parks in The Canadian Rockies. Find the good trails, avoid the tourists and bears, and find a "zone of your own."