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Free Spirit Flyers 

About the Southern Tier Skysurfers 

This site serves the hang gliding community in South-Central New York and North Central Pennsylvania.


3/24/98; Yes, I know we haven't had a newsletter up here in ages. The webmaster is a three toed sloth, but also an avid hang glider pilot. Be assured that I haven't abandoned this site, I've just had to set it aside for a while. 

3/24/98; Click here to get the rules and entry form for the 3rd annual NYS XC Competition. 

8/20/97; The August Newsletter was posted. 

7/27/97; The July Newsletter was posted. 

6/21/97; The June Newsletter was posted. 

5/26/97; The May Newsletter was posted. 

4/27/97; The April Newsletter was posted. 

3/20/97; The March Newsletter was posted. 

3/7/97; A new Photos page was posted 

3/1/97; The February Newsletter was posted. 

3/1/97; The Photo Gallery format has been updated. The images have been cleaned up and converted from GIF to JPEG for quicker download time. Best viewed with Netscape 2.0 or Microsoft Explorer 3.0 and greater. 

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