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Vertigo was launched in 1993 to offer innovative graphic stories to adult readers of non-traditional comics. These psychologically compelling, cutting-edge titles have tremendous range, from science fiction to horror to dark fantasy.

The Sandman library includes titles written by the award-winning author Neil Gaiman. In addition, Vertigo offers many other titles, ranging from the fast-paced black humor of PREACHER to the gruesomely beautiful and hypnotic SEVEN MILES A SECOND.

All Vertigo comics are suggested for mature readers and can be found at your local comic book shop. To find a comic retailer near you, call 1-888-COMIC BOOK (888-266-4226) toll free.

2020 Visions The Books of Magic Destiny
The Dreaming
Essential Vertigo:
Essential Vertigo: The Sandman
Essential Vertigo:
Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing
Hellblazer House of Secrets The Invisibles
Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess'
Neil Gaiman & Charles Vess' Stardust
Preacher Sandman Mystery Theatre
Terminal City: Aerial Graffiti

Subscribe to Vertigo titles by calling 1-800-887-6789 or emailing [email protected] for more information. One year (12 issues) of The Books of Magic, The Dreaming, House of Secrets, The Invisibles, Preacher, or Sandman Mystery Theatre is $23 U.S. One year (12 issues) of Hellblazer is $21 U.S. One year (12 issues) of Essential Vertigo: The Sandman or Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing is $18 U.S.

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