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King Me!
Meet the Royal Family
Adventure and Romance
Apartment 3-G Flash Gordon Judge Parker The Heart of Juliet Jones Mandrake the Magician Mark Trail Mary Worth The Phantom Prince Valiant Rex Morgan, M.D. Rip Kirby The Amazing Spider-Man Steve Roper

Comic Classics
Bringing Up Father Hazel Henry The Katzenjammer Kids Popeye

Couples, Trios and Troops
Andy Capp Beetle Bailey Between Friends Boner's Ark Crock Pop's Place Redeye Sam and Silo The Better Half Tumbleweeds Walnut Cove Willy 'n Ethel

Eyes on Washington
Grin & Bear It Mallard Fillmore The Small Society

Family Favorites
Baby Blues Blondie Buckles Curtis Funky Winkerbean Hagar Hi and Lois Marvin Moose Miller Mutts On the Fastrack Sally Forth Barney Google and Snuffy Smith Zits

Popular Panels
Dennis the Menace Dinette Set Family Circus Laff-A-Day The Lockhorns They'll Do it Every Time Trudy

Tots 'n Teens
Claire & Weber Slylock Fox & Comics For Kids Safe Havens Tiger Where's Waldo

Zany Comics
Ernie New Breed The Norm Rhymes with Orange Ralph I Need Help Zippy The Pinhead

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