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Tank Girl

Welcome to the unofficial Tank Girl WWW site home of everyone's favourite punkster chick.

Tank Girl is the creation of Worthing comic artists Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. She first appeared in Deadline magazine, and quickly rose like a metaphor, to reach international fame, in an ultimately poorly drawn and apatheticly handled disaster.
Um... I'll try that again. We still love Tank Girl despite certain horrors done in her name, because she is more than a comic. Tank Girl is a wonderfully liberating idea for which I'll have to think of an amazingly emotionally stirring reason later.

So anyway, if you like this site or even if you don't tell me.

And now...

So, who is that lovable rogue Tank Girl?
The official history of Tank Girl.
Dramtis personae
The major characters in Tank Girl, with pretty mug shots and bios.
The comic
A mostly-complete list of all the Tank Girl comics ever. Now with the stain-fighting power of Borax!
Tank Girl: The Movie
Everything you'd ever want to know about the movie. Plus fun additional trivia, like the stuff that was cut from the film and which obscure obscenities they may or may not have used. Find out about the history of the movie in Jamie and Alan go to Hollywood. For those that care, there is a gallery of movie pictures.
Galleries of Tank Girl, her friends, the comics, t shirts, and more.
All non-comic related Tank Girl stuff ever made.
Plus, the wish list of all the Tank Girl that you know they'll never make, but wish they would anyway.
The answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Tank Girl. Recently updated, but still a summary of the rest of this site, with some unique stuff, tho.
If you've ever seen an issue of Deadline you know they constantly get letters from people saying, "Hey I know someone who just about is Tank Girl and should get to play her in the film." They even got these months after the part had been cast. Well, this is a gallery of people who look in some way like Tank Girl. Most of these were sent to me by people just like you who have a friend they think looks like her. If you have any pictures of people you think may look like Tank Girl, scan 'em and email 'em to me and I'll put them on the page.
What's new on this site.
Links to other sites that may or may not interest you.
A public appreciation to everyone who's helped with this site.


The latest news on Tank Girl might be found on (if that does not work, try, as occasionally there's an on topic post. for more serious questions, maybe try alt.comics.alternative.

Really new news

Tank Girl 3 is now out. And it's about fucking time, let me tell you. I finally got a chance to look at it. It's a compilation of the last of the Deadline strips not published elsewhere. Full colour, too.

 DeadOnline is the new online replacement for Deadline on AOL. Not being on AOL, I don't know what's on it, but Hewlet is allegedly going to do some of the work on it. No Tank Girl comics, tho, but a sreensaver is rumoured to be in the works.

About now you're thinking:

How can I help make this site a better place?

Well, first of all you can tell me just any general opinions you have of these pages. Or Mistakes. Especially spelling errors, I never notice them.

Also, if you know anyone who looks like Tank Girl, get a picture of them and get it to me. Either encode it and email it to me. I'll put it on the clones page. Or you could conceivably post it to me and I'll scan it. But ask me first.

 Lastly, if there's any Tank Girl products you think the world really needs, tell me and I might put it the wish list

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