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Try an imagine Norway....
dark forests with moonlit lakes, numerous snowcapped mountains, rushing streams and cold rivers. Think of misty waterfalls gushing down mountain sides, deep fjords surrounded by mighty mountains, and a furious Atlantic ocean whipping the rocky shoreline of this long and narrow country.

Centuries ago, the Vikings, also known as the 'the barbarians from the North', gave the inhabitants of the land a reputation of being bloodthristy and violent. As it turned out, this wintry and rather cold country was occupied not just by humans. Every now and then, in the deep shadows of the night, one could hear unusual sounds from the woods and mountain sides. These sounds seemed to come from creatures sighted by some people. Eventually these creatures came to be known as Trolls.

As the legend goes, the wrath of the trolls knows no bounds. Nevertheless, a good relationship with the trolls in one's neighborhood is said to bring good luck and fortune.

This unique collection of trolls created by the Norwegian artist Trygve Torgersen is a free spirited and personal interpretation based on numerous fairy tales and mythes from Norwegian folklore.

The trolls are hand-made from latex and they have won enduring popularity among collectors around the world.

Enter the magical world of trolls. . .

Sad Troll

The Troll Collection

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