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Overview of Lilith

From Hebrew Myths by Robert Graves and Raphael Patai (annotated by Christeos Pir)
An essay by Jeffrey Smith (from babylon-l, collected by Renee Rosen).

Ancient and Folklore Sources for Lilith

Exerpt from a Prologue to Gilgamesh (may be a Lilith ref.)
Lilith Prophylactic from Arslan Tash (Syria) 7th. c. BC
Lilith appearances in the Bible
Lilith in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Lilith in Jewish/Christian Pseudepigrapha
Lilith on Incantation Bowls
Lilith appearances in the Talmud
The Story of Lilith from the Alphabet of Ben Sira
Mirrors are Windows into Lilith's World

Lilith in Jewish Mysticism

Exerpt from Jacob ha-Kohen's Treatise on the Left Emanation: Kabbalistic demonology with a somewhat different take on Lilith
Origins of Lilith from various Kabbalistic sources
Lilith the Seductress from various sources
Lilith in the pantheon of demons from various sources
Lilith and her husband, Samael from various sources
Lilith as God's consort
Her ultimate defeat from various sources

Lilith in Modern Magic

Exerpt from De Arte Magica: Lilith as Succubus
The Invocation of Lilith -- A Rite of Dark Sexuality

Excerpts from On-line Electronic Discussions, Summer, 1994: general (edited) discussion.
Alt.Mythology A well informed discussion esp. on the Gilgamesh fragment.

Lilith in Modern Literature

M Barnard, Chapter 1 of a novel in progress
Various poems collected from the web
Lilith discourse In George Bernard Shaw's Back to Methuselah

Lilith pictures

Some collected pictures [Some may or may not be Lilith] (please write me if you have some others)

Other Lilith Sources and Comments

Renee Rosen's "Lilith Shrine"
Barbara Fruschi's Lilith page (in Italian)
Several retellings of the myth, and a short bibliography from a vampyre FAQ
'Lilith' description in the Yoni collection of pages
Lilith, is a Jewish feminist magazine. The site has just a paragraph or so on our demoness, but the publication has had several articles over the years.

Lilith Bibliography
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