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Dear Courtney,
What, you don't play any shows in Massachusetts? How long have I been waiting to see Hole live? Sure, I skipped out on Lollapalooza when it came to New York that year that you played, but can you blame me for not wanting to be a part of that alterna-hoopla? Besides, I can't stand Sonic Youth live- it's just a bunch a feedback under the guise of artistry. There are several decent venues in Boston and Northampton (I wouldn't reccommend playing Springfield), perhaps you should give it some thought.
Do I offend you?
Yeah, I saw that article in Spin: "Courtney's On-line Circus". That fucked-up Pisces guy gets to be your new best friend, and I don't even get any kind of aknowledgement for all the work I do on this cool homepage. All I get is letters from domains, 14-year-old kids asking "Do you know Courtney Love's e-mail address?" No, I don't fucking know it because she's never written to me! So stop asking, I can't help you become her special friend! Yeah, those kids who hang out in the AOL Hole folder- they know, since when is AOL where the cool kids hang out?
Tara E. Morrison

Pretty On The InsideLive Through ThisAsk For It

A long time ago, when I wasn't the jaded soul I am today, a mere glimpse of the beloved Courtney Love on T.V. or in some overpriced magazine from Europe was a special occasion. "They played a Hole video on 120 Minutes last night," Jim or I would report to the other in the hallway after homeroom period. We went out of our way to find Pretty On The Inside ('cause they weren't selling it in Strawberry's), a certain back issue of Alternative Press, the welcome sight of that t-shirt of the glowing neon nebula high on the wall of a Boston record store (we had to have it, didn't we? had to own it, with our last ten bucks). And can any of us forget that Courtney Love/ Kim Gordon vs. Dave Kendal interview? Not me, I've got it on VHS. "There's a Hole picture in Details," Shannon would announce, and we'd all have to go buy the issue because it was a Hole picture, and they were few and far between back in the days when the Retard Girl seven-inch on blue vinyl would please us misanthropes.

"I want it now, she said". And so the story goes...

If I had the chance to become a media-whore, I would take it too. In a minute.

So Courtney Love became a rock star, married a rock star, ended up on the cover of every magazine, and you know you've made it when you're in the opening credits of the MTV News. So now, maybe it isn't such a big deal to catch a sight of "alterna-rock's" reigning queen, but jock boys in pink heart Hole t-shirts can never make me forget calling long-distance to Amherst College's radio station to ask them to "play that 'Burn Black' song again", or scouring the racks at Roz's Place for ripped velvet dresses, and hearing Jimmy tell me that someday when he got a car, he would let me draw a big lip-stick heart on the rear window too.


Every Day I Write The Book: Hole Texts

I'm quite pleased with this....semi-obscure clips from magazines and newspapers, most of which have never before been shown on the web. Included are: the infamous 1992 Vanity Fair article, Kurt and Courtney as boyfriend and girlfriend in NYC from Sassy, a gossip column clip from the New York Post about their heroin problem, and many other delights with many more to come. Also, a text file of information compiled by Courtney's hired private detective, regarding the "murder" of Kurt.

Now, I've gotten a lot of angry letters about some of the choices I have made regarding the material I have included here (namely the Vanity Fair and Tom Grant stuff). I was hoping I would not have to explain my actions, but to cut down on hate-mail, I suppose I have to clearly explain to you readers that, while I make no testament as to the accuracy of some of claims made in these articles, I, as a fan, find them deliciously interesting reading. And that's that.

Pretty On The Outside: Hole Pictures

I'm not going to showcase a bunch of pictures that you've already seen before, to my knowledge these do not exist anywhere else in netspace.
This collection will really take off when I get back to school and, hence, to a scanner. And when I have some free time, and I stop being lazy....

Plugged And Unplugged: Hole Sound Samples

Lots of Hole sound files in .WAV format. Several come from rare and live bootleg CD's, so you'll probably be able to hear something you haven't heard before- which is always a joy.

Random Violence: Hole Zines And Other Delights

Archived copies of Live Through This, and other related works. It's not just for Hole anymore: Babes In Toyland, "What Is A Riot Grrl Anyway?", Girls Can Do Anything, Huggy Bear, and so the story continues...


The Drown Soda Hole Pages are a lovingly rendered tribute to some of the most compelling music put out today. Because his page is better than mine, and i'm a shallow person, I was going to list this one last, but it has the best graphics of all the Hole sites so sanity and generosity won out. I did, however omit the kEwL lettering of the title as it reads there, and blatantly stole several pictures for my own use. Site contains a complete discography, concert reviews, interviews, articles, album info and lyrics, tour dates (dare to dream!), pictures, video clips, sounds, and an astrlogical profile on each of the band members. (As if anybody cares if Patty Schmel is a Taurus).

Ahem. Next up is the Sugarcoma Hole Pages successfully proving that for some inexplicable reason, cool people sometimes do get their priamary Internet connections from Prodigy. If Drown Soda had the best graphics (and graphics aren't everything, you know, it takes forever to load) than Sugarcoma has the best name (Actually I considered ripping it off from them, but I didn't want to seem uncreative). They also have links, pictures, and a complete write-up on the Courtney Love vs. Madonna conflict.

The Internet Underground Music Archive Hole Pages (you know, the one that's owned by Sony) has the "Miss World" .mpeg, and .au files.

Geffen has also set up their Official Hole WWW Site with some .au files, pretty graphics (I took their background for my PJ Harvey page), and conspicuously omits any refernece to Hole's work done on the Caroline and Sympathy For The Record Industry labels.

Appealing pictures, tour info, and furthur links can be had at the cleverly titled Hole Homepage.

Hole Pictures- nice collection of photos in GIF format of the band, and even more of just Courtney Love. She's like Jim Morrison, you know. I mean, the other Doors were great muscians, but he made that band, and so does she.

Pretty On The Inside Lyrics. Yes, they do have an album besides Live Through This, how nice to see that somebody else recognizes this fact.

Verdicts: Florida vs. Love. This is great- Court TV's write up on Ms. Love's legal entaglement with those two assholes who got what they deserved. Hey man, they were in the pit, they were dressed like alterna-kids- they were asking for it! a-hahahaha...
I happenned to catch some of Court TV's coverage of the event, just in time for them to show footage of Courtney swallowing something at the water-fountain, and all the announcers were saying, "It appears that she is taking drugs in the courtroom." I just laughed. If she was going to get high for her trial (and who wouldn't?), she'd do it before she got to the courthouse. It was priceless.

Get Courtney Love!- thoughts on the crucifixtion of Courtney. Why do so many people hate Courtney Love?? Nobody seems to take issue with the drug problems of Mick Jagger (who is also a parent). Nobody was irritated by the angry screams of Kurt Cobain. Nobody faults Michael Stipe for being politically outspoken. Nobody calls Trent Reznor a suicidal bitch. Wherein does the difference lie? In a country about to crucify the wife of its President for being too smart and too bossy, I am disturbed, deeply disturbed...

Love At War. Courtney takes on gangsta' rap, and successfully proves that while Snoop and the rest of the world can call anyone bitch, slut, and cunt like women are fair game to insult- if Courtney Love Cobain dares to utter the "N"-word, then the Village Voice must get pissed. "Does that make me a racist... or a feminist?"

Hole: Raleigh NC 3/9/95, review of a North Carolina concert in which the author makes a strange reference to "Drown Soda" being "an un-released Cobain composition". Funny, I always knew "Drown Soda" as the B-side to a five-year-old single called Teenage Whore. Courtney was doing Kurt's songs way back then? thinks, perhaps someone in their research room got confused. Or, maybe I'm just stupid.

Visit the Live Through This E-Zine WWW Site for back issues, pictures, and other cool stuff.

Does Courtney Love really have a brother, and is he really friends with the brother of a certain female Hampshire F95 student who's blatantly attempting to win friends via tales of celebrity kinship? Find out for yourself by downloading the complete Courtney Love FAQ.

I, for one, (and right now I am the only one that matters) can only tolerate so many "Hole rocks" and "Courtney is a Bitch" threads birthed and fed by 15-year-olds with parentally funded AOL accounts, but if you, dear reader, still have not had your fill, or if you have never personally experienced this glorious testament to the wonders of global communications, then do visit Usenet's own

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