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Beijing Review

This weekly news magazine was founded in 1958
at the suggestion and under the guidance of
the late premier Zhou Enlai.
It covers China's economic and social developments
and carries important documents of
the Chinese government and speeches made by
state leaders. Published in five languages,
English, Japanese, French, German and Spanish,
and airmailed to more than 150 countries and
regions throughout the world.

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Vol.39 Issue No.1-5
Vol.39 Issue No.6-9
Vol.39 Issue No.10-13
Vol.39 Issue No.14-18
Vol.39 Issue No.19-22
Vol.39 Issue No.23-26
Vol.39 Issue No.27-30
Vol.39 Issue No.31-35
Vol.39 Issue No.36-39
Vol.39 Issue No.40-44
Vol.39 Issue No.45-48

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