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Win a copy of Casper®

Oooh, it's all a bit spooky this month. He may be friendly, but he's still a ghost. We have a copy of Casper® to give away. Telling the tale of the friendly ghost and his three evil uncles haunting Whipstaff Manor, a big, old house in the middle of nowhere (You never seem to find ghosts in bungalows in Eastbourne do you?). Dr. James Harvey and his daughter arrive at the house to exorcise the ghosts, and thus enable the owner to find the hidden treasure. With excellent special effects, and a wonderful track it's well worth an entry. So close the curtains, turn off the lights, cower behind the sofa, and prepare to be spooked. We're giving away a copy to the person that answers all of the questions correctly and gives the best answer to the tiebreaker, in the opinion of Bill Tibble, our very own, umm, Bill Pullman (Similarities end with the name). All you have to do is answer the questions below:

Q1: Name one of Casper's® uncles?

Q2: Which actor plays Dr. James Harvey?

Tie-breaker: Answer the following in less than 15 words:-

If I were Casper I would...

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