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The Virtual yacht race runs along side the real race and gives you a chance to manage an ocean racing yacht around the world. Anyone can join for free and take part in the most exciting ocean bound event on the Internet. At the start you get to choose your crew, pick supplies and name your vessel.

High Sea Adventure

The race takes you over the same course as the BT Global Challenge yachts and pits you against a whole armada of other human contestants. Select the right team, supplies, course and sails and you could find yourself winning some major prizes.

Leg 3 winner - Framed photographic print of the BT Global Challenge Fleet, signed by Chay Blyth.

Overall winner - A weeks holiday for two in Cape Town, South Africa

Ship to shore - following your yacht.

During the race you will have decisions to make about course and onboard situations. Sometimes things don't go as planned! Keep your head and keep your course and it could be plain sailing. If you have a yacht already you can login to the race at anytime to find out how your yacht is performing and to make vital changes.

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