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Croc Files

by Linda Brookover

"In Malaysia it is said that a crocodile has two pairs of eyes, one pair for daylight and one pair for night and under water. It also has a special stomach in which it hides its human victim's clothes. A child which has fallen into a river may turn slowly into a crocodile, beginning by growing a tail. The head remains human longest." - Jan Knappert

Crocodile Video and Audio Map

Their reputation for grabbing and devouring swimmers has earned crocdilians a place in the myths of many people. The Crocodile Files explores the facts and the myths about the world's most fascinating reptiles, like "Old Yellow" (top) a resident of Queensland Fauna and Reptile Park.

The Crocodile Files

Myths and Tales: The Crocodile Files / 1. Dino Days-Crocs Rule / 2. Crocodile Smiles / 3. Smart Reptiles / 4. The Gharial and the Monkey / 5. A Crocodile Hunter 6. Cinderella Crocodile 7. Croc Speak


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