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I have always enjoyed looking at old postcards. I collected them for a number of years, but mainly for the content, not for the value. There are postcards covering just about any subject that you can think of. It was fun to travel all over the country and the world just by seeing the views depicted on the cards, but now with PC's and scanners it is possible to bring these images almost to life.

On this page I intend to try and do just that. The scans of some of the lithographs will no doubt be not so lifelike, but you will be able to get a decent view of the areas shown and if you know those areas today, you will be able to see just how vast the changes have been over the years. Due to space problems I will not be able to show too many at once, but I will try and update the page regularly so as to keep it interesting.

Comments and criticisms are welcome. Just click on my address at the bottom of the page to send me e-mail.

Download a self-extracting viewer with views of ten cards. - 384 K

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Entitled "A Loving Postcript",
it was a nice card to send to your sweetheart
back in 1912.

(added .. 10:00 PM on 10/30/96)

Double Barrelled Cannon
The world's only double barrelled cannon
in Athens, Georgia

(added .. 9:24 PM on 7/30/96)

A photo postcard from the early 1900's
This is pretty different.
The back reads: "This is Sel. & El & the Puppy
going up the grade to Los Angeles."

(added ..10:05 PM on 10/30/96)

This is a very early view
of the Ferry Docks and The Royal Poinciana Hotel
in Palm Beach, Florida.

(added ..10:08 PM on 10/30/96)

I guess this card was considered funny
back in the early 1900's.
I just thought that it was different.

(added ..2:46 AM on 7/5/96)

A 1909 view of
The Hudson River Shoreline

(Added ..7:44 PM on 5/21/96)

Another early Valentine type card.
It is an interesting card for cupid collecters.

(10:14 PM on 10/30/96)

"Beauty and the Beast"
A very special card for me.
Posed and hand autographed by artist's model Evelyn Nesbit,
"The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing".
Jealousy for her caused the murder of architect, Stanford White, designer of the 1891 Madison's Square Garden, by millionaire "Mad Harry" Thaw on June 25,1906.

Added ..9:44 PM on 3/15/96

A harbor scene of Pensacola, Florida
from the early 1900's.
Notice the tall masted ships that abound.

Added ..(12:54 AM on 9/1/96)

Another "Lovers" type card.

These cards seem to have been very popular
in the early 1900's.

Added .. (10:11 PM on 10/30/96)

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Well I hope that you enjoyed the pics. I will try to update the images about once a week, so stop back soon.
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