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Legend Cards by Margaret Leach

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 Legend Card of the Month:


This is the legend of Pele's search for a husband. She found him at Ke'e in the Hula Heiau on Kauai. His name was Lohiau and he was the chief. Seeing beautiful Pele he readily agreed to marriage and the condition she locate their home. Pele searched for a long time and finally settled in the Kilauea crater on Hawaii with her entire family. She then sent her sister, Hiiaka back to Kauai to tell betrothed she was ready. Hiiaka met Wahini-omao along the way and together they experienced many adventures. They were successful and started back with Lohiau to Kilauea. Unfortunately, Lohiau and Hiiaka fell in love, and before Pele's very eyes, they embraced and declared their love for one another. Pele's wrath flared. She turned Lohiau to stone.

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Margaret Leach has spent many years in the Pacific Islands. Having worked with the craftsmen and Micronesian teachers she has been inspired to depict the Palauan legends in her own fashion, using the classical format of the storyboards of Palau.

The stories come from the village people. Their version of the genesis has been carved on the beams of their "bais" or men's houses. Margaret's logo is the Tropic Bird border. Each carver has his own. These patterns have been rendered in acrylic. They were created and painted in size 10 1/2" and 24 1/2".

Margaret then carried the same format to the Hawaiian Legends, using authentic Kapa patterns for the borders. She listened to Legends, read their stories and researched at the Bishop Museum, always attempting to be accurate using at least 3 different versions of each legend.

In colloquial, abbreviated form of the legend has been included on the back of each card accompanied by a white envelope.


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