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The Art of Stephen Dubov

"Art's a nothing word. Everybody's some sort of artist.
It's a license, a kind of badge.
Forget the technical, the issue is making statements..."

He is Stephen Dubov, 82661-011, serving a Life Without the Possibility of Parole sentence at a Federal Prison in the U.S.A. Dubov was convicted, in 1988, of cocaine possession. There was no violence; the victim, himself. He is now 53 years old.


Three Graces, 1994

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Exhibit update: Dubov's San Francisco exhibit has been postponed
until later this year. New sculpture and drawings will be on display
at the Spectrum Gallery in San Francisco in May or June, 1997.
A preview of the works to be on show there will be posted on this site in March.

New at Dubov's article for the Pacific Rim Sculptors Group
publication PRSG News has been posted on the Interviews and Articles page

This site was initiated and is maintained by Friends of Stephen Dubov, an informal coalition of Dubov's supporters. Dubov has no access or control over the site and does not benefit in any material way from the information presented here. Any funds realized from the sale of Dubov's artwork go to his legal defense and the furtherment of his artistic products. All written statements and quotes are taken from correspondence with Dubov, and were not originally written for this web site. The site will be updated regularly, so remember to click 'reload' occasionally. Dubov himself has no access to the art scene, to his own exhibits and shows, to the Internet, or to the world outside except through personal visits and the postal service. Please visit the contact info page to find out more about Dubov, his work, and his continuing challenge to the extreme sentence imposed on him. The easiest way to contact Dubov is through e-mail: all correspondence is treated confidentially, and is forwarded to him through the postal service. Send e-mail to: [email protected].

Friends of Stephen Dubov
T. Roedoc — Spectrum Gallery, San Francisco, CA
G. Posner — Ishi Graphics
D. Dubov — J.P.L.
P. Dubov — University of Texas
L. Dubov — Mother
J. Gastwirth — High school senior
D. Presson — San Francisco, CA

Thanks also to Dannie Martin and Susan Sevilla