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Catgirl Paradise

Updated January 25 1997.

- Latest pictures -

Street warriors

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Ponygirl Paradise??!
Well? What else could I call it?

This section contains pony and ponygirl pictures.
Updated January 07 1997.

Homeless Catgirls
Categoryless catgirls. These are one-offs and experimetal pieces drawn over several years, both in pencils and as computer graphics.
Updated January 25 1996.

Shade and Shadow
Shade and Shadow, two generations of catgirls from a long running Cyberpunk game. These pictures were drawn in pencil.
Updated July 21 1996.

Mian's World
Foxgirls from Cyberpunk, squirrel girls, characters from the "Tales From the Street" series and other assorted pictures.
Updated January 01 1997.

The Nikki Silk Files
Catgirl Nikki struts her stuff. Featuring sample shots of Nikki from the Kiss electronic paper doll as well as two different interactive dress-up versions of her, one using frames and JavaScipt the other done using netscape 1.1 tables.
Updated April 28 1996.

The Puma Gallery
A "walk through" gallery of art and concept pictures from the cyberpunk story "Puma" featuring Niko the Catgirl heroine. The fiction is also presented here either downloadable or as an online experience.
Updated December 28 1996.

The Furry Files
This section contains a lot of my other "Furry" art, ranging from unicorns to deers. A lot of my latest art is actually here. It is kept on a different server to Catgirl Paradise.
Updated January 08 1997.

Where to now?
Links to other places I find amusing. Some even have catgirls!
Updated January 01 1997.

Other Catgirl Paradise pages-
Virtual Places avatars based on catgirl art.
Pencil and concept sketches. Updated December 26 1996.
Play with the dress-up version of Nikki Silk.
"Tales from the Street." A series of cyberpunk short stories.
Puma, a cyberpunk novel, starring catgirl Niko.
The Cellar. Mature viewers only. Updated January 01 1997.
Catgirl survey. Well, what do you think?. New January 12 1997.

Catgirl Paradise

About Catgirl Paradise.
I enjoy drawing, but feel there is little point if I can't share what I do with others. Catgirl Paradise is simply a way to do so. As the name implies, a lot of the art features girls with cat-features, usually ears.

Each image has a story behind it, sometimes a just a fleeting idea, other times a role playing game or even an entire novel. The notes share some of this background.

Anyway, enjoy!


I can be contacted at [email protected]

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