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    FEW HAVE HAD AS MUCH IMPACT upon the American consciousness as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Baptist minister and passionate fighter for civil rights through non-violent action, he was the closest this country has come to producing a leader with the moral stature of Mohandas Gandhi. When King was assassinated in 1968, citizens in many major cities reacted violently --- while others held vigils and peaceful gatherings. And Americans, black and white, wondered what would happen to his dream.

   This World Wide Web site is a production of The Seattle Times, which took a leadership role in its community by making Martin Luther King Jr. Day a company holiday, by urging other corporations to follow, and by organizing a regional media campaign in his honor.
   The site has a special focus on the Pacific Northwest, but it also reaches across the country, with the record of an electronic dialogue we set up between school children in Birmingham and in the Seattle area. You'll visit the scenes of the civil rights past, and hear the voices of some of those contemplating the future.

   We invite you to take part in a conversation about the role King played in shaping America as it is today -- and about where we're going.

King illustration by Paul Schmid, Seattle Times

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