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H.M.S. Victory
The Flagship of the Royal Navy

The boatswain's mates stand ready to pipe you aboard...
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Photograph of VICTORY
The H.M.S. Victory is in No. 2 Dock at Portsmouth Harbour, England.
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Nelson's death scene
as rendered in a contemporary painting.
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Plaque which marks where Nelson fell on the Quarterdeck. Click to see a larger view in JPG format. (Photo credit: Unknown.)

Signal to the fleet before Battle.

Some of Victory's Specifications

Designed by Sir Thomas Slade.
Keel laid on 23 July 1759.
Launched on 7 May 1765
Length of Gun Deck:
Length of Keel:
Moulded Breadth:
Extreme Breadth:
Depth in Hold:
151' 5/8"
50' 6"
51' 10"
21' 6"
3,500 tons (approx.)
2,162 tons
Lower Gun Deck:
Middle Gun Deck:
Upper Gun Deck
thirty 32-pounders, two 12-pounders
twenty-eight 24-pounders
thirty 12-pounders
twelve 12-pounders
two 68-pounder carronades

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