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Micro AeroDynamics

The Mission of Micro AeroDynamics:

To enhance the safety, utility, and performance
of general aviation aircraft throughout the world.

About Micro AeroDynamics, Inc.

Micro AeroDynamics, Inc. is a small company located in Anacortes, Washington that develops and markets Vortex Generator modification kits for light general aviation aircraft. Vortex Generators (or "VGs") are small metal tabs, about an inch long, placed in a row on the top of the wing. A typical installation consists of about one-hundred VGs. These tabs control the airflow over the top of the wing, allowing aircraft to fly at slower, safer speeds, with greater controllability.

Micro AeroDynamics is continuously developing VG kits for additional aircraft models. Development consists of flight testing and certifying various aircraft models to show compliance with FAA regulations.

Micro AeroDynamics has been developing and marketing these kits worldwide since 1989, and has sold hundreds of kits since then. So far, there are twelve documented cases of Micro AeroDynamics VG kits saving people's lives.

  • Aircraft Models
  • Reduced Vmca
  • Lower Lift Off Speed
  • Lower Stall Speeds
  • Improved Characteristics
  • Improved Safety
  • S.T.O.L. Benefits
  • Certified Performance Numbers
  • Gross Weight Increase
  • Saves Tires & Brakes
  • 1 Day Installation
  • New Models Soon
  • Micro VG Kits - $950. - $2950.

  • "I have witnessed the results and recommend Micro VG Systems modification without reservation. I have found Micro AeroDynamics to be a very professional company expertly involved in the preservation and safe operation of twin Cessna airplanes. I feel that the installation of vortex generators on your twin could save your life."

    -Larry Ball, Editor----THE TWIN CESSNA FLYER.

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    4000 Airport Road / Suite D
    Anacortes, Washington 98221

    (360) 293-8082
    (360) 293-5499 FAX
    (800) 677-2370

    e-mail to: [email protected]

    ©1996, Micro AeroDynamics Inc.

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