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The Ariau Jungle Tower

A Hotel In The Tree Tops Of The Amazon

"Tarzan meets Swiss Family Robinson meets ecotourism at its most deluxe. A heliport and splendid presidential suite await the most deluxe guests..."

The Ariau Jungle Tower Hotel is a complex of towers and suites connected by a web of catwalks built at the level of the rainforest canopy. There are over three miles of catwalks, and a number of tours, treks and night time canoe trips providing visitors an intimate communion with the flora, fauna; sights and sounds of the Amazon region.

The Ariau is located 35 miles from Manaus on the confluence of the Rio Negro and Ariau Creek at the foot of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the largest fresh water archipelago in the world. The region is considered one of the most biologically diverse in the world. The Ariau Jungle Tower Hotel was featured in Conde Nast's "Gold List," January, 1995 Issue as "One Of The Best Places To Stay In The World." Additionally the Ariau's "Aviary Of Hope" has been awarded the prestigious international 1995 Emerald Globe Award for its ecological work.

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