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 Welcome to Dr. Ruth's Sexnet

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Welcome to Dr. Ruth's Sexnet! Dr. Ruth Westheimer, America's foremost sex therapist, has dedicated her website to the honest, informative, and entertaining promotion of sexual literacy. While you're here, you can download today's Sex Tip, answer today's Sex Question, check out Dr. Ruth's books--including her latest, The Value of Family--and preview her CD-ROM, Dr. Ruth's Encyclopedia of Sex! Dr. Ruth has even prepared a list of great websites for you to visit. (But don't forget to ask Dr. Ruth a question before you leave!)

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Dr. Ruth's Sexnet features the work of Doctor Ruth Westheimer, noted sex therapist. Sexnet includes Safe Sex information, a Sex Quiz and Sex Tips. Dr. Ruth will answer your questions about human sexuality and sex education, and address sexual topics, including sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), impotence, frigidity, birth control, and sexual techniques.