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Westex Automotive Corporation

WESTEX Automotive Corporation is a company which distributes high quality automotive parts and supplies. We would like to introduce ourselves and our company to the Internet community by offering one of the first totally secure transactions. We have a 100% risk free offer, without having to worry about your credit card number being transmitted over the public network! We are testing the waters with one of our high quality automotive safety products, the Quick Safety Signals Warning Triangle . If this type of transaction works, you can look for more quality products here in the future.

The totally secure transaction works like this

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Read some letters from Westex's satisfied customers.

Westex Automotive Inc.
US Toll Free Line (800) 228-5090
Phone +1 510-659-1700
Fax +1 510-490-7352
[email protected] (Westex Automotive Inc.)
40880 Encyclopedia Circle
Fremont, CA 94538

WESTEX Automotive is a sponsor of The Human Factor
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