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Mirror imaging - this tendency to apply Western standards to Soviet phenomena - can make most honest and superficially objective analysis a misleading basis for subsequent deductions
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R. A. Mason and J. W. R. Taylor

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Latest news, digest of articles published in aviation periodicals, reviews, and sample newsletters.
Russian aviation FAQ - answers on frequently asked questions and links to on-line references.
Detailed reviews of the Russian aviation museums and other aerospace attractions.
Digital movies and image archive of Russian/Soviet aircraft.
Articles, reports and papers featured in Russian Aviation Page.
Monthly Russian Aviation Trivia. A winner receives a cool T-shirt with Red Star Aviation logo.
Russian aviation links - a good place to start if you searching for web sources on this subject.

Latest additions

Chronology of the development of the aviation and aviation industry in Russia and Soviet Union.
What does "bis" mean in MiG-21bis?
Russian Aviation Trivia #11
Answers for Russian Aviation Trivia #10
Photo of the month
Details on Il2M3 Shturmovik acquired by National Air and Space Museum
Sukhoi Air Show Tour'96 is cancelled
Soviet Version of Top Gun
Western aircraft in Soviet Union
RAP is one year old!
AIRFAX newsletter May 1, 1996 and June 1, 1996
Russian jet technology of 1937-45
Shareware News Bulletin by R-Avis
Soviet Superfortress. The Tu-4 story
Just In! New part of RAP with most recent news.
Fishbed MPEGs! MiG-21s takeoff roll (179 Kb), weapon launch (357 Kb) and Mi-21PFM (187 Kb) at Intrepid Air and Space museum.
Sukhoi Su-27 and Su-30 Flanker at your local airshow!
MAKS'95 movies featuring Su-32FN, Su-35, Su-39, MiG-33 and more
Russian Squadron and Regiment Info
Rearward firing AAM. Vympel's advertisement for R-73R (80 Kb). Thanks to Rodion Podorozhny
Photographs taken at previous MAKS (Mosaeroshow) and Khodynka museum
Trip to Monino or Can a Foreigner Take the Photographs at Russian Air Force Base
Champlin Fighter Museum review
Khodynka Museum
Bibliography of Russian sources
Monino aircraft photos. Nice shots of Sukhoi T-10 and T-6, Lavochkin La-250, Mikoyan Ye-166 and MiG-9
MPEG movie of TAKR "Admiral Kuznetsov" air wing operations (175 Kb)
Yakovlev OKB Museum
Who is who - short bios of the people whose names have some meaning in history of Russian aviation. (A through B only. More to come)
Fatal crash involving Russian Knights show team
Moscow Aerospace Salon took place in August 22-27, 1995 at airport Zhukovsky. More than 145 aircraft were on display. See MAKS'95 report, MPEG movies and photographs (more pictures here)
Updated Russian Aviation Bits
MPEG movie of Yakovlev jets (Yak-15s) in service with Soviet air force (105 Kb)
Early Sikorsky aircraft build in Russia
Vakhmistov's Zveno parasite fighter experiments
An article on Gromov Flight Research Center (LII) at Zhukovsky
A letter from a private MiG (and Yak) owner
Vote on NATO codename for Su-34
Artist's impressions of new Mikoyan stealth fighter
Soviet hardware in US Army regiments
Victory Park museum and aerospace attractions in Moscow
Links in Russian

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