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November 4-7, 1996
DTIC '96 Annual Users Meeting & Training Conference
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Line ImageDTIC's Administrator, Kurt Molholm, and Deputy Administrator, R. Paul Ryan, welcome you to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Home Page. DTIC serves as a vital link in providing defense-related information to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors.

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DTIC: At a Glance
Get Acquainted With DTIC! (Find links to tools that can help you learn about what we're doing: DTIC Listservs, Briefings & Tours, Product "Demonstration Days," Conferences, and much more.)

Where is DTIC? (Find out how to get to DTIC Headquarters (we've recently moved), security procedures for visiting us, and information about our Regional Office locations.)

Who can register for DTIC service? (Find information about DTIC's general and online registration process, along with the necessary registration forms.)

What products and services does DTIC offer? (Find product and service information along with the necessary forms to facilitate product registration.)

How do I get Customer Assistance? (Get information about DTIC's Support Services, such as general user information, various user publications, DTIC's Help Desks, training and support services, search assistance, referral services, and document identification and ordering.)

The DTIC DIGEST, DTIC's Quarterly Newsletter.

The DTIC Users Council (Find out about the DTIC Users Council which represents those organizations registered with DTIC.) Call for Nominations! The Council is requesting nominations for council membership.

What's New at DTIC? (Find the latest announcements about conferences, DTIC products and services, and other information of interest.)

Come and visit our Hot Topics Page and browse through a sampling of citations on topics of current interest. Our newest Hot Topic is on Terrorism.

Key Phone Numbers

The DTIC Organization

(Basic information about the various DTIC organizations and what they do.)

User Services

Information Science and Technology


RD&A Information Support

Information Systems Support

Administration & Resource Management

Other DTIC Sites of Interest

Participatory Committees, Groups, and Councils

Small Business Innovation Research

DefenseLINK, IM, STINET, DTIW, MATRIS, IACs, & Other Sites

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October 1996