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The Hellenic Professional Society of Texas is a non-profit organization whose goals are to organize social, educational and cultural activities, to encourage the pursuit of education among people of Greek descent, to facilitate cooperation between professionals of Greek descent and to promote Greek language and culture.

The Society was established in Houston, Texas in 1975 by a group of friends who shared the desire to preserve the rich culture and heritage of Greece and the spirit of Hellenism in their new country.

One of the primary functions of the Society has been the continuous support of the educational aspirations of deserving young members of the community. To that effect, a scholarship fund was created in 1977, and university students of Greek and Greek-American descent have received scholarships on the basis of scholastic achievement, extracurricular activities, and financial need.

In addition to the succesfull scholarship program, the Society supports Greek learning in many other ways.The Society has helped the parochial Greek Schools financially and by involving its members in special projects.

The Society also supports and encourages initiatives and programs in major Texas universities when they relate to our Greek heritage. For the last six years it has sponsored the Modern Greek langage course at the University of Houston. It has also contributed to endowments and scholarships established in the name of known professors or in subjects pertaining to Greek culture and language.

Every year the Society holds a series of events; some "traditional" or at least considered as such by the members, and some that are one of a kind.

They just "happen", and they leave memories to the people who attend .....memories that are one of a kind.

Twety-one years ago, the Society's very first cultural event was a concert whose proceeds were contributed to the Cyprus Refugee Fund.

Last year , we still had reasons to think -with concern- of Cyprus.

In observance of the 20th "anniversary" of the Turkish invasion, the Society presented the lecture "Cyprus: A Commemoration And An Update" given by The Honorable William Crassas, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Cyprus in Houston, Texas.

George Blytas, one of the Society's founders - and also founder and director of The Houston Sinfonietta - inspired by Odysseas Elytis' poem, created this composition for Choir and Orchestra.
He directed The Houston Sinfonietta and The Hellenic Choir of Houston at the premiere performance of his work on April 30,1995 at Rice University's Hamman Hall.

The concert was co-sponsored by The Hellenic Professional Society of Texas
and The Institute of International Education.
It was one of the events presented in conjuction with IIE's 19th Festival of Nations, honoring Greece.

THE MUSICAL MYTHOLOGY OF MANOS HADJIDAKIS On April 16, 1994, members of the Society's Greek Language Committee
hosted an evening presenting the magic of Hadjidakis' work.

The event took place at the University of St. Thomas and included biographical readings, a slide show and a live performance of the composer's most loved songs.

There is always an excuse to have fun, and Greek Carnival presents one of the best!!!!

Thanks to the talents and creativity of members of the Society,
Taverna Night '95 turned out to be one of the most memorable occasions!

In the pursuit of promoting and presenting an expression of our Greek heritage...not only we had great fun but but we also succeeded in turning the event into one of the most profitable fund raisers!

Sponsored by the Society, the Hellenic Folk Dancing Group of Houston is known in the Houston community for its contributions towards the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage. The objectives of the Hellenic Folk Dancing Group of Houston are:
To teach and learn Greek dances with special attention and concern on the authenticity of movement and music;

To relate the dances to other elements of Greek folklore, such as costumes, folk songs, tales, etc;

To link Greek dances to their historical, social, and traditional context;

To present Greek dancing to non-Greek audiences through performances, lectures and special presentations.

For more information on the Society and The Hellenic Folk Dancing Group of Houston
write to:
The Hellenic Professional Society of Texas
P.O.BOX 114
Houston, Texas 77001

Please e-mail any questions or comments to
[email protected]

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