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[In game shot] [In game shot]

[In game shot] And what of Vissick, the tenth member of C3? He knows what the Church is planning and he's aware of the approaching Cataclysm. But he's no fan of the Syndicate, so he won't throw in his lot with them. In fact, he's leading a group of free-thinkers to their own destiny. Known as The Unguided, they have their own ideas about the future of the planet and they, too, are willing to fight to the death for them. So here you stand, on the brink of a New Epoch. Which side will you take? Do you think you have a chance of winning? The Syndicate Wars have begun.

So....What's it got?

Check the Radio Ad the radio stations wouldn't play (they said it was too violent)

Syndicate Wars will be released for the PC and Sony Playstation, with a Sega Saturn version to follow.

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