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World Ciruit Racing
is the ultimate Formula One racing simulation!

Fend off challengers at Monaco, blast down the straightway at Monza, and take the checkered flag at Barcelona! Real tracks, real teams, real cars, real sponsors - all in breathtaking, lifelike graphics that truly put you in the cockpit of a Formula One racing car. So realistic it is used by racing drivers as an actual simulator, Grand Prix II has optional driving aids to allow players of all ages and skill levels to receive maximum enjoyment from the game. Grand Prix II is "the definitive racing experience!"

Full Camera views! Watch entire laps from the best angle, all the time, just like on TV!

Optional on-track steering cues, automatic gear and brake, automatic spin recovery and collision protection make gameplay as easy or difficult as you want!

3-D and Doppler sound! Digital music! Completely absorbing sound effects!

Game Specifications
FormatDOS 5.0 or later
RequirementsIBM PC 100MHz 80486DX/4 compatible or faster; 8MB RAM; Double Speed CD-ROM drive; VGA or Super VGA graphics; Hard Drive (15MB free); Microsoft compatible mouse; Windows-compatible sound card; CD audio supported. Sound Blaster (or 100% compatible), ProAudio Spectrum and Gravis UltraSound supported
RecommendedIBM PC 90MHz Pentium compatible or faster; Local bus or PCI Super VGA video card with 1MB video RAM (VESA required); joystick
Multiplayer Requirements100% Hayes-compatible 9600 modem or faster (2-player); Null-modem serial cable (2-player)

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