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Imagine a world where population growth is outstripping planetary resources, where the need for galactic expansion is critical, and where as the ruler, you must defend your empire while guiding a team of pioneers on a search for life-sustaining resources. Many other races are experiencing the same internal pressure to expand, but the galaxy is only so large. You will need to lead your people into other star systems quickly, securing the space and resources that will guarantee your supremacy. But that's not all: banished from Orion, the Antaran race lurks in the darkness. You prayed they would never return but now, in the deepest reaches of outer space, they plan their revenge.

Multiple game settings such as selecting the intelligence of your adversaries, the size of the galaxy and the age of the civilization.

Choose from 13 predesigned alien races, each with it's own special abilities, or create your own using the Custom Race Options.

Research over 200 technology fields or trade with other colonies for theirs.

Random events and disasters will threaten or benefit the star systems, creating havoc in the universe.

Explore and colonize uncharted planets. Form a colony or take over one of your enemy's.

Manage every aspect of your colonie's resources. Assign careers, maintain population morale and construct buildings.

Choose either strategic or tactical combat.

Spectacular Super VGA graphics and cinematics.

Up to eight players with many multiplayer options. Choose modem, hot seat, network, or play over TEN.

Game Specifications

Required IBM PC 100MHz 80486 compatible or faster
DOS 5.0 or later (also runs under Windows 95)
8MB RAM (or 16MB RAM if running under Windows 95)
Double-speed CD-ROM drive (300 K/sec sustained transfer rate)
Super VGA graphics (VESA required) for 640x480x256 colors
Hard drive (75MB free)
Microsoft-compatible mouse
Sound Blaster (or 100% compatible)
Recommended IBM PC 90MHz Pentium compatible or faster
Required for multiplayer option 100% Hayes-compatible 9600 modem or faster (2-player)
Null-modem serial cable (2-player)
IPX network (2 to 8 players)

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