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Paul Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde

Palazzo dei Diamanti
Corso Ercole I d'Este 21 - Ferrara (Italy)
April 1 - July 2, 1995

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Gauguin's Works on Exhibition


Cafe in Arles, 1888

Te Tiare Farani, 1891

Les Parau Parau, 1891

Fatata te Mouà, 1892

Matamoe, 1892

Tahitian Pastorals, 1893

Eu Haere Ia Oe, 1893

Nave Nave Moe, 1894

Te Vaà, 1896

Landscape with two goats, 1897

The big Buddha, 1899

Three Women on a yellow board, 1899

Still life with parrots, 1902

Still life with fruits, 1888

Her name is Vairanauti, 1892

Aha Oe Feii?, 1892

Self Portrait, 1890-93

Te Arii Vahine, 1896

Bè Bè, 1896

Scenes of Tahitian life, 1896

Eiaha Ohipa, 1896

Man Packing fruit from a tree, 1897

Rave Te Hiti Aamu, 1898

Matherhood, 1899

Ruperupe, 1899

Te Avae No Maria, 1899

Tahitian landscape, 1899

The Ford, 1901

Sunflowers, 1901

Bathers, 1887


The Brittany bathers, 1889

Te Po, 1893-94

Manao Tupapao, 1893-94

Nave Nave Fenua, 1894

Maruru, 1894

Tahitian children, 1894-95

Te Atua - Recto, 1898-99

Te Atua - Verso, 1898-99

D'où venons-nous? Que sommes-nous? Où allons-nous?, 1898

Two small Brettons, 1889

Human miseries, 1889

Mahana No Varua Ino, 1891-94 ca

Manao Tupapao, 1894

Manao Tupapao - Think to the deads, 1894

Manao Tupapao - femme Maorie, 1894

Te Faruru, 1894

Auti Te Pape, 1894

The Universe is being created, 1894

Te Po, 1894

Nativity - Recto, 1902 ca

Nativity - Verso, 1902 ca

Oviri, 1895


Oviri, 1895

Idole à la perle, 1892 ca

Idole à la coquille, 1892 ca

Hina, 1892 ca

Teha 'Amana, 1892 ca

Hina and Fatou, 1892 ca

Stèle au Christ, 1894-1896

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