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Welcome to the Red Triangle Pub, the official on-line Bass Ale Web Site. A fitting name as the Red Triangle is the signature of Bass Ale, as well as England’s oldest registered trademark.

The site has recently been renovated to feature a wider variety of interactive and compelling features, including:

Enter Bass Ale's "Voyage to the Titanic Sweepstakes"
Brewing the ultimate batch of beer at the Bass Ale museum
Learning of Bass Ale’s involvement in some of history’s greatest moments
Viewing famous paintings that feature Bass Ale
Taking a tour of the Bass Ale museum in Burton-on-Trent, England
Purchasing all new items from our gift shop
Visiting the game room for the custom Bass Ale crossword puzzle and downloading free games

So, find a nice seat in the Pub, relax, and enjoy your visit at the Red Triangle. We hope you become one of our regulars. Just pick the tap handle or icon of your choice to start your journey.

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