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Brief Introduction

Peking University, the most famous university in China, is located at Haidian, an area in the western suburbs of Beijing renowned in the old days for its gardens and parks.

Peking university not only has gained high reputation as the most prestigious institution of higher learning but also has a very beautiful campus. The lovely campus, with its attractive scenery, is an ideal location for studies.

Peking University Library is a state university library with the longest history in China, because its predecessor, the Metropolitan University Library was founded in 1902. At present, the collection of Peking University Library consists of 4.3 million volumes, and there are more than 7,000 kinds of periodicals. The collection includes almost all the main subject areas and are of many different languages. In addition, Peking University Library owns many Chinese rare books, old newspapers and rubbings of both metal and stone.

The present library building was built in 1975. The total area is 24,500 square meters. There are many book loan desks, and more than 30 reading rooms, large enough to accommodate more than 2,000 readers at any one time.

Peking University Library is playing an important role in document and information services. In recent years, Peking University Library has rapidly developed towards modernization. Readers are now offered international on line searching and CD-ROM for their research needs. Library automation of an integrated system has been completed and is now in practice. Computerized purchasing, cataloguing and circulating have stepped into the initial stage. The work of establishing a center for social sciences entrusted by the State Education Commission has been completed. High level modern information SERVICES have been offering to students and teachers of Peking University as well as to readers of higher education institutes all over the country.

In 1995, Peking University Library became a node of CIESIN.

Internet SERVICES of Peking University Library

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