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Highlander Class International Association

1996 Highlander Champion Mike Perakis Highlander #906

1996 Highlander Masters Champion John Emmerich Highlander #962

The Highlander Class Invites you to come sail with us

         If you ever thought you might be interested in sailing
and becoming a member of a  sailing club, we would like to invite
you, your family and friends to come sail with us. If you are new to
sailing, the Highlander's performance characteristics will allow
you to quickly acquire sound sailing skills.
The Highlander handles like a dream. Quick to pick up speed, your
Highlander will respond smoothly and predictably to changes in
tiller position and sail trim. As a beginner you will appreciate its ability
in light air conditions.
         Due to the design of the hull and its center of buoyancy when
heeled over, the Highlander is very difficult to capsize even in  the
most extreme conditions. The Highlander is a big boat where it counts
most...inside! The cockpit has two 9' seats on each side. Sitting in the
cockpit you'll feel safe and secure because the seats are at chair height
and the deck coaming forms a comfortable back.
        There is 42" between the seats, so you won't be banging knees
with the person on the other side. You'll be impressed with the
Highlander's stability and comfort as soon as you step board.


The Seminole County Sailfest is proud to announce the official website of the SAILFEST regatta. The Sailfest is a one-design sailing regatta held in central Florida the first week in December each year. This regatta supports one-design fleets and class associations, with expected attendance at 700 boats. They would like to invite you to visit the Sailfest Web site,

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