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This WWW page is sponsored by The Office Annex. It was created to be a central starting point for all of your Job Search Needs on the Internet. Eventually, you will find links for most job, career, employment & resume sites.

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Valuable Internet Resources


Positions, Links and Resumes


Positions, Links and Resumes

Australia, New Zealand - Pacific Islands

Positions, Links and Resumes


If you are looking for Canadian Positions or Resumes, they are incorporated into the Job Groups above. For specific information about Canadian Employment, consider the Electronic Labour Exchange. This is the Canadian Federal Government's internet recruiting tool, offered free across Canada to employers and workers. They are rolling it out nationally over the next few months (a second version with geographical features will be released later this summer). They will also be putting up their national Job Bank (similar to America's Job Bank) on the internet by the end of July.

Central America, South America, Caribbean, Latin America

Positions, Links and Resumes

Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Southern Europe

Positions, Links and Resumes


Positions, Links and Resumes

Middle East

Positions, Links and Resumes

S.E. Asia

Positions, Links and Resumes


Have you heard of Operation Transition?

Operation Transition is a Department of Defense program assisting active duty military personnel, DoD civilians, and their spouses as they transition from the Department of Defense employment to the civilian sector. If you are seeking to hire well-trained, disciplined, and reliable personnel, we encourage you to participate in Operation Transition by the Defense Outplacement Referral System (DORS) and The Transition Bulletin Board (TBB).

There is NO COST for these services.

For more information on Operation Transition call the Help Desk at 1-800-727-3677 for assistance. Please let them know you found their information at The Office Annex's World Wide Web Employment Office.

Job Search Related Products and Services

Services and Products List Many companies have services that you can use to make your search go easier. Our hope is to list many of them here. Please check them.

Search the Usenet Archives for jobs with this handy tool Clarkson's Newsreach

Check for their 1-800 number at the AT&T 800 Directory on the Internet

Corporations on the Internet.List of Corporations on the Internet

Company Profiles can be found here.Hoover's Company Profiles
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