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Linking the Virtual World.

Welcome to MÄK Technologies, the company dedicated to bringing networked gaming to the Internet! As seen on CNN our products VR-Link and Dial-a-Tank are being used by the Department of Defense to connect thousands of simulators together all around the world. We've connected simulators for tanks, planes, helicopters, and every other kind of vehicle the military has. We will be releasing a tank simulation game that can be played free over the Internet on any home PC or Mac next summer.

MÄK Technologies, pronounced "mock", was founded in 1990 to provide cutting edge virtual reality and synthetic environment technologies to the defense and commercial communities. We develop innovative products for Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), enabling networked multi-player interaction in a shared virtual world.

VR-LinkTM is the world's most widely used DIS interface, allowing simulators to be quickly and easily networked together. Other MÄK products include the Stealth Observer, Data Logger, and Dial-A-TankTM, a reconfigurable simulator. In addition, MÄK manufactures DIS vehicle simulators under the MÄK Motors label.

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