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box.gif (14k) Now Available for PC Windows 95... Coming soon for Macintosh..... It is the year 2066. Pollution has rendered the planet barely liveable. A crack team of scientists has created and launched a satellite called the Ceres Project. Onboard Ceres is a the world's first practical application of nanotechnology. The nanotech system detects hot-spots in the atmosphere and sends cellular-sized robots to interact with the toxins and neutralize them.
You are Lilah. Along with your partner, Max, you have led the Ceres development team. Now, after Ceres has completed a hundred successful days in orbit, it's time for a vacation - or so you think. You're relaxing in one of the world's last true wilderness areas... until something impossible happens. Near your campsite, you and Max discover a small black crystal. No big deal... until the crystal begins to grow. In just a few days, it reaches hundreds of feet into the sky. Awestruck, you code-name the monolith... "Obsidian." Soon, finding yourself inside Obsidian, you must leave behind all rational expectation. This is a world of dreams - beginning with your own. Nothing behaves according to physical law. It's mesmerizing, fantastic. But as the story progresses, from dream to dream, you realize that Max is in grave danger. And not just Max, either, but everything you know and love. puzzles.gif (10k)

  • Over 40 hours of surreal, mind-stretching gameplay
  • Sophisticated characters and dynamic 3D environments enhance the realism,and surrealism, of the adventure
  • 5 puzzling dreamlike realms
  • Original musical score by Thomas Dolby
obsid1.gif (5k) gallery.gif (5k) MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PC WINDOWS 95
Windows 95 IBM PC or compatible with Pentium 90 MHz processor, 4X CD ROM drive, 16MB RAM, 16 bit video, Sound Blaster 16 (Sound Blaster AWE32 strongly recommended) MACINTOSH
PowerPC 7100, System 7.0, 4X CD ROM drive, 16MB RAM, color monitor
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