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Admiral - Sea Battles

Megamedia Corporation is proud to announce the release of an exciting new naval strategy game:

ADMIRAL: Sea Battles

"this explosive little strategy game has what it takes to become a classic..."

"great graphics, intense action; challenging scenarios..."

"it's easy to learn, challenging to master, addictive as crack..."

- PC Gamer's Upcoming Review

Travel to a time when he who masters the ocean has absolute power. When pirates and Admirals fight for control and cut-throats try to seize the land. Can your forces stand the onslaught from the sea? P lay the computer or a friend in this game of Naval conquest. Choose from eleven sailing vessels ranging from the tiny, fast Galley to the huge, cumbersome (but powerful) triple-decked Battleship. Watch as you fire upon your enemies, destroy their ships, e liminate their forts, and accomplish you final objectives. Screen Shot1 Screen Shot2 Screen Shot3 Screen Shot4

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