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Located in Billings, Montana, yeux is the studio of Jacque King, a nationally known fashion photographer. Jacque is now in semi-retirement. He is devoting his time and talents exclusively to projects that are either cutting edge fashion or fine art images of erotica. Because of his unique status he would rather work WITH new designers than FOR established ones. His price schedule is very loose ranging from expenses to ? depending on his interest in the project.

Models are always needed. Female models without experience are tested free of any charge, either for sessions or prints. The only requirements are that newcomers be at least 5' 7" slim, and have a genuine desire to be a successful model . Aspiring models can contact the studio - 405 North 24th Street, Billings, Montana 59101 - 1.406.245.7480 or e-mail [email protected]

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Following are some recent images from yeux.

Karen Melissa

Fine Art images are available for viewing via e-mail [email protected] or disk. Send requests along with statement that you are over 18 and they will be sent. These images are low resolution scans of black and white museum quality prints. Along with the images a pricing schedule will be sent.


Until the new "censorship" law is either overturned in court or congress and the president regain some of their misplaced sanity, I can not send anything to anyone over the net. Rather than ending up with a big postal bill, I have decided not to have images available period! I feel this is a sad state but since I can't afford a lawyer to defend myself from this law, that is blatantly unconstitutional, I have no other choice.

Free speech court decision

We have won a battle, not the war... The justice department will take the decision to the Supreme Court.
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