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The Saturn Site - Model Year 1997

Welcome to the Saturn Site!

We've designed this Website to help you find out all about Saturn, on your own, as easily as possible. So have fun exploring -- and if you still have questions, give us a call at 1-800-522-5000.

This site was launched in February, 1995 and has had many updates since then. Check out some of the key changes: In December of 1995, information about the Saturn CarClub first appeared. In August of '96, we added the new Model Year 1997 information.

We now have 57 retailers linked to this site. And the Saturn Extended Family Database continues to grow.

Recent changes include an update of the Saturn Cycling Team results, the addition of a Used Cars section and a Cycle/Recycle Section.

The latest news, though, is that we just activated our link to the brand new mini-site of the General Motors electric car, which Saturn has been selected to sell and service. We're pretty excited about it. See what the future holds and look for an expanded electric car site before the end of the year.

WelcomeWelcome (updated 6/96)

ModelsThe 1997 Saturn Line (updated 8/96)

MagazineThe Saturn Magazine (updated 8/96)

RetailerFind the Nearest Saturn Retailer (updated 7/96)

BrochureOrder a Saturn Brochure

CommunicateCommunicate with Saturn (updated 6/96)

Family DatabaseExtended Family Database (updated regularly)

FAQFrequently Asked Questions (updated 8/96)

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