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Hello Boomerang fans! I am just getting started on this page, so be patient with me and hopefully it will become a worthwhile stop instead of just more roadkill on the "Information Highway."

This page is devoted to discussion of boomerangs I make, as well as other sites on the WEB where one can buy a well-made boomerang or just find out how one works. I will give my own dissertation on what makes a boomerang work and why they are such a great choice for the person who just wants to relax and enjoy a different sport.

How does it Really work?

A boomerang works on the same principle as the airplane wing with minor exceptions. Like an aircraft, the boomerang is a multiple-wing device. Actually it is a lifting body similar to the B2 bomber with the exception that the wings are made as opposites. A traditional Aboriginal or "Aussie" style, similar to a coat hanger in shape, will have the leading edge on the outside of one wing and the inside of the other wing.

When the boomerang is thrown, it must be held nearly perpendicular to the ground to get the proper flight. You will want to throw the boomerang in relative calm winds and across the wind as it blows toward your throwing arm. The main thing to concern yourself with in the throw is getting the maximum spin on the boomerang at the release. This is what generates the lift required to bring the boomerang around in a circle.

Precession is the force that keeps the boomerang standing upright as it spins. At the spin decreases, the boomerang will have a tendancy to lay down and lift higher as it circles. When thrown properly, a boomerang will circle and slowly climb until it is spinning flat above your head where it stalls and falls into your waiting hands. When this type of flight is achieved, it gives one the feeling of true accomplishment.

Boomerangs of different styles (i.e., tri-blade, hooks, cross-sticks, etc.) will give different flight patterns, but will all follow this same basic principle. If your boomerang falls to your left or right, try leaning the boomerang away from that direction. If it falls in front of you, you need to throw it higher, if behind you, try throwing it lower.

If you would like more information about purchasing a Great, Dependable, and Inexpensive boomerang, just e-mail me at [email protected]. Or see my Ordering Information right here. A catalog is in the works.

In the meantime here are some more samples of my work... Click on the pics to see more information.

All boomerangs shown can be made either Left- or Right-Handed. You must specify which when ordering. There is a difference!

And, Of course, they all return!

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