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Welcome to BoomPlans ! Here you can find on-line plans and designs to make your own boomerangs. You are a boomerang thrower ? This server is for you. You are not a boomerang thrower, but you would like to try making your first boom, just to see if this object is not a legend ? Of course, you could just look at the different shapes (some of them are amazing), but it would be better to choose an easy one, like the Equerre or the Australian, to take a saw, a rasp, a piece of plywood, and go on ...

A new boomerang mailing list is born. If you're fed up with spamming in the alt.boomerang newsgroup, or even if you don't have any access to the Usenet news, try the mailing list. The owner and maintainer of the list is Michael Gray (MX boomerangs). To subscribe, just send a mail message to the following address : [email protected], with the following body (don't put anything in the subject line), and wait for the acknowledge :

subscribe rang-list

To post to the rang-list send your mail to : [email protected]

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