Archived Pages from 20th Century!!

Archived Pages from 20th Century!!

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We welcome your pictures!!! Click here to mail them electronically to me. (this does require pictures already scanned) I would prefer gifs or jpgs, but I can covert basically anything sent to me. The goal here is to get as many junior/young riders on the web as possible. So, come join us; we are the wave of the future! You can add your name (and comments) to the Junior/Young Rider Guestbook

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OK, here we go...For a few years now, Hardscrabble Farm has sent teams to compete in the USDF Jr/Yr Team Dressage Championships. Teams of four compete at various levels from walk-trot to FEI (international) levels. Riders must be under the age of 21. Basically, it's a great chance to spend the weekend with a great bunch of folks, because we always leave the grounds with more friends than we came with. I hope you enjoy the ride!

For a team to be successful, each member must be a star in their own right, and they are!!

Hi all! Urkie here...NEW you can email your favorite Hardscrabble Star!!!! Just go to the team member's page and if they have an email account, you can write to them!!!!!!

Do you have training questions? Riding problems? Now you can get help from a professional via e-mail: [email protected]

I've asked for your photos. I want you to be part of this page! You can tell all of your friends that you are on the web. This page enjoys high access rates, don't miss out on the action!!

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