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  • Rendered on the fly players - using 3D+ allowing more animation frames, moves and detail
  • Accurate targeting, clear break-aways and smarter goalies are just of the few of the amazing changes with the new AI
  • Motion captured animation - using moves from a top European Player
  • Motion Blending is used to help the feeling of unlimited animation
  • The best Play-by-Play so for with full coverage of the match with 3 European commentators
  • Modem & Network Support
  • Indoor and outdoor game modes
  • Player transfers
  • arcade mode for faster gameplay
  • Two levels of play - Pro & Semi Pro mode
  • Up-to-date stats for 12 leagues

    Minimum Configuration

  • Operating System MS-DOS® 5.0 or higher or Windows® 95
  • CPU PentiumTM 75 MHz processor or faster
  • Hard Drive Space MS-DOS Users: 3 MB minimum
  • Windows 95 Users: 15 MB minimum
  • Memory MS-DOS Users: 8 MB RAM
  • Windows 95 Users: 16 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 256-color, 1 MB PCI/VLB SVGA video card
  • MS-DOS Users: VESA compatible
  • Windows 95 Users: DirectXTM 2 compatible
  • CD-ROM 2x (MPC2 Compliant) CD-ROM drive
  • MS-DOS Users: DOS driver and MSCDEX version 2.21 or higher
  • Windows 95 Users: 32-bit Windows 95 driver
  • Audio
    MS-DOS Users: Sound BlasterTM 2.0 or higher, Sound Blaster ProTM, Sound Blaster 16TM and 100% compatibles, GravisTM UltrasoundTM and 100% compatibles, EnsoniqTM SoundscapeTM, Microsoft® Windows Sound SystemTM and 100% compatibles
    Windows 95 Users: DirectSound 2.0 compatible sound card
  • Input Devices: Microsoft-compatible mouse

    Recommended Configuration

  • CPU Pentium 100 MHz processor or faster
  • Hard Drive Space: 50 MB
  • Memory: 16 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 2 compatible, VESA 2.0 compliant PCI video card with 2 MB video RAM
  • Audio: 16-bit Sound Blaster or 100% compatible
  • Input Devices: Microsoft-compatible mouse and Joystick, Gravis GamepadTM, or Gravis GrIPTM 4-player adapter

    Required for Multiplayer Network Play

  • MS-DOS Users: Network Interface Card and IPX compliant network
  • Windows 95 Users: Network Interface Card and IPX compliant network, DirectPlay Winsock IPX, or DirectPlay TCP/IP

    Required for Multiplayer Modem Play

  • 100% Hayes compatible 14400 bps or faster modem; high speed (16550 UART) serial port required for external modems

    Required for Multiplayer Direct Link Play

  • Null modem adapter

    Note: For more detailed information, and updated technical data that may have become available after this document went to press, check the README file on the FIFA Soccer 97 disc.