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Archived Pages from 20th Century!!

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AEK (Athletic Union of Constantinople, based in Athens) is a Greek sports club with a reputation for quality and excellence from basketball and football to boxing and volleyball. Here, you will find information about the AEK club, in particular information about the history of the club, its origins and its links with the Byzantine Empire. Enjoy your stay!
Due to Webmaster holidaying in Athens between 5 Sep and 1 Oct the pages would not be updated. Please join the mailing list as an alternative

-A yellow Star-The Outsider's Guide to AEK (FAQ)

-A yellow Star-Hall of Fame

-A yellow Star-AEK Football Page

-A yellow Star-AEK Basketball Page

-A yellow Star-The Fans

-A yellow Star-Current Issues

-A yellow Star-The AEK test

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