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August Strindberg, 1849-1912, Swedish Author

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"I am a devilish fellow, who has mastered many arts."

"And all the things I have tossed off! Though Sweden was as hard as a stone! Novels and verses, plays, good an bad, Swedish Histories and Chinese, and four kids, the fifth on its way, and two wives."

Strindberg, 1887

Contents: 7 parts

Biography: His life in short and the Occult Diary !
Inferno: The novel on Strindberg´s sufferings, real and imagened, in Paris.
A Blue Book: On subjects like hate, mirages and love. Never before in English!
Paintings:Strindberg´s style as painter reflects his character, wild and stormy
Drawings: A few drawings, one showing what we do in Sweden in the summer....
Interact:Submit a poem and vote on your favorite author.
Last page:Collected links,and some info about me.

August Strindberg

"I have no wish at all to be a "great" writer, let alone a "great" man. It would just embarrass me and betray a false position. I want to go in nightgown and underwear and be known as a scandalwriter, that wouldn´t embarrass me."

Strindberg, 1884

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