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There are no lengthy catalogs, no mailing lists, just fonts, and sick fonts with no socially redeeming value, True Type Fonts made from the handwriting of infamous killers! Not for a minute do we pretend to have any tact. Just good old fashioned bad taste and irreverance, which you can be a part of! Besides having the cojones to produce something of such poor taste, we have the engine which allows you to buy them on-line and have them ready to use and offend in minutes!

Not only do you get the whole alphabet, you get the ENTIRE ASCII SET with each font (sans a few math symbols) available in both Mac and PC versions. Each Font has a large array of bitmap sizes and a complete set of FOREIGN ACCENTS, DIACRITICS and many of the frequently used embellishment characters.

Each font only $9.95!

A portion of all profits from Killer Fonts sales will go to charity.

Our Killers:

Oswald Conspiracy - Lee Harvey Oswald

RipperScript -Jack the Ripper

Manson Mayhem -Charles Manson

Dillinger Concise - John Dillinger

Sirhan Ditto - Sirhan Sirhan

L. Theodore Ollier Collection

More Killers Every Week!

Coming Soon! Butch Casssidy, Billy the Kid, Jeffery Dahmer and the Gainsville Ripper.

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